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Anne Bonney and Mary Reade

"If you'd have fought like a man, you needn't hang like a dog!" - Anne Bonney

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Anne Bonney and Mary Reade were the two most famous female pirates in history. This community honors those two great women. Let it be known that the site above is not mine. I found the page and thought it'd be a good idea to link it so all of you can get a good idea of who Anne and Mary were!

Also, this is a community for any lass who be lovin' pirates, who think they be a pirate or who actually be a pirate! XD But please read the Cap'n's rules b'fore joinin, lassies! ^_^


1- Be nice! All members of the crew must be treated equally!

2- Limit your profanity! Exccessive and uneccesary profanity bothers the captain! (Ye wouldn't want me throwin ye off the ship, now would ye? XD)

3- Please introduce yourself if you're new to the crew! We don't want no stowaways on the ship, hearties! (not required, but it'd be nice if you guys did introduce yourselves..^_^;;)

4- If someone be harrassin' and meddlin' tell the Captain and I'll see to it that the scurvy dog is marooned with a one-shot pistol and a flask of water...if they're lucky! BWAHAHAHA!! XD (a.k.a If someone is bothering you, tell me and I'll see to it that they're either banned or taken care of appropriately)

5- Feel free to post anything ye like! About yer life, yer ideas, yer suggestions, yer recent pilaging...XD Everyone gets an equal say! (It's ok to post about anything other than pirates, but please don't spam; you guys have your own LJ's for telling of your life stories, :P but I understand some things may happen in your lives where you just need someone to talk to so feel free to post it. In either case though, you won't get banned. ^_^;;)

6- Ye don't have to be a lass to join! Ye can be a lad too! That is if ye don't mind havin a woman for a captain! XD Who says it bad luck to have a woman on board? XD Not I!

There be the rules lassies (and lads)! Now take the pirate's oath and join the crew! XD

Main Crew:

Captain = wesangel
Quartermaster = blue_eyesamurai
Sailing Master= virgin_raye