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Another historical fiction (or two)

'Ello. I was just doing a search on amazon for some books on Anne Bonny and Mary Read and came across one called Sisters of the Sea: Anne Bonny & Mary Read Pirates of the Caribbean by Sandra Riley. Has anyone read it? Is it good?

I looked at a few reviews on amazon and they seemed to have enjoyed the book. I was thinking of purchasing it today while at Penn Station (if they have it) or making a quick run (if there is time) up to Borders, I believe, and checking for it there.

I also found one called The Only Life That Mattered: The Short and Merry Lives of Anne Bonny, Mary Read and Calico Jack by James L. Nelson, but that book seemed to disapoint. As one person wrote that he took The Sweet Trade and make it his own, it sounded like a man wrote it as the female voices sounded like a man trying to relate to female voices. Another person wrote that they only liked the cover, the story disapointed. So, I am disinclined to pick this one up today.

As the time of my departure is still unknown (seeing that my friend is still asleep), I will be checking until the time I leave (either around noon or one EST, of course).
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