captain_calico (captain_calico) wrote in anne_and_mary,

The best actresses for anne and mary roles?

I'd say that we are about overdue for a new movie featuring anne and who should fill the roles? I suggest that beauty is NOT an important feature (other than for selling tickets and dvds, obviously) while having guts and balls (metaphorically! *cough) absolutely should count. I want to see snarls, nasty laughter, merry grins, hands that could actually use a saber and legs that could smash through a door - and yet at chosen moments actually be able to soften up.

Here are my runners:
- Sigourney Weaver (well, obviously)
- Jamie Lee Curtis
- Peta Wilson (but by Jolly Roger, NOT as a blonde!)
- Rebecca de Mornay
- Lori Petty

Any contenders?
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