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Anne lived a normal life after piracy...

Reportedly, they now have a death date for Anne Bonny as well as what happened to her after her 'disappearance'.

From wikipedia:
There is no historical record of Bonny's release or of her execution. This has fed speculation that her father ransomed her; that she might have returned to her husband, or even that she resumed a life of piracy under a new identity. However, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography states that "Evidence provided by the descendants of Anne Bonny suggests that her father managed to secure her release from gaol and bring her back to Charles Town, South Carolina, where she gave birth to Rackam's second child. On 21 December 1721 she married a local man, Joseph Burleigh, and they had eight children. She died in South Carolina, a respectable woman, at the age of eighty-four and was buried on 25 April 1782."[2]

Yes, there is citation, to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography...still, I'm a skeptic and may be able to access the information at my college to see how good it is.
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