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Blabla post

Ok, since here seem to be the only pirate community alive, I'll post here some randoms pirates- themed subject I think would be fun to talk about.

1-First, I'd like to know, how everybody here incorporate their pirate appreciation in the everyday life? Simple curiosity plus, it could give ideas to other members

2- Does anybody have good suggestion of were to find interestings things to incorporates in ours pirates outfits, or tips to incorporate pirate-esque fashion in our everyday clothing?

I'll answer my own questions in the comments, but first, I'd like to show you a couple of thing and ask for your opinions

First, just to show you a (disbanded) group I like: Aikaryu

One of their song is called Susume!Pirates (susume mean sparrow =_=)
Their an indies group, so not a lot of budget go into the videoclip, but I like the general feel on the song and for the lyrics as far as I understand, are pirates-related

Here's the video

Also, I'd like to have you opinions on the fews pirates I designed for the comic I'm preparing. I ADORE constructive comments:
The main character (who start as nothing and end up as a the captain) and her second in command. Yep, she's manly XD. Don't be scared by her hairs color XD. It's kinda of a old drawing and the blonde guy, who's her second in command will go trough a major re-design XD
The sailmaster of the ship (she almost always have her eyes closed XD)
The main carpenter (she's really really tall)

*****EDIT***I added the colors versions of those twos XD******
The surgeon (yep, those sailors are lucky, their surgeon is NOT the carpenter XD)
And the watchwoman
Another captain

Yep, there will be more man, it's jsut that the crew of the main ship is composed of women

Oh and the ship will be something between this :
and this:

I'll be very glad to have you opinions on all this!
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