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Point or just me?

I borrowed The Sweet Trade from my library the other day and I'm half way through. I was thinking, is it me or is Elizabeth Swann from POTC a mix between Anne and Mary?

I know that we have the character Anamaria, who is named for the two female pirates, but what of dear Elizabeth? True that Anamaria is an actual female pirate in the movie and dresses like a man, but in spirit Elizabeth is them. Elizabeth is a rich girl, who wants away from it. The idea of meeting a pirate is exciting, certainly she has romanticised ideals of pirates, just as Anne did in the book. She is also a blonde, certainly more blonde in the second movie. She is a bit naive, unskilled and has a very wide-eye aspect of the idea. In Dead Man's Chest, she appears more like Mary, a real fighter, skilled and serious, like she has seen battles. Her physical appearance is what Mary is described to be and she hides her femininity under a waistcoat and frock. She also goes aboard a merchant ship (as Mary did before The Pretty Anne attacked the sloop). Also she is considered one hell of a fighter, just as Mary supposively was. Also the pirate who's ship she joins is strangely named Jack.

Now which brings me to another idea. Jack Sparrow and Calico Jack Rackham. Both share a common first name and are probably less violent than pirates were recorded for. Also lady's men, flamboyant and cocky as well. Both have very interesting ways of dressing, Calico Jack with his bright colours and Sparrow with the trinkets in his hair. When the fighting gets rough, these men would rather not fight as much as they take pride to the title, they aren't much in the way of fighters. I can't see Jack Sparrow as a man for torture and in the book Calico Jack liked to scare his victims and be merciful, killing isn't his style.

So that was my fairly brief thoughts on 'bout yours?

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