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[11 Mar 2008|10:10am]

[ mood | drained ]

A while back, I know, I displayed some scans from a French comic book called Barbe Rouge...well, I have ordered book one.  I want to purchase book two, does anyone know any places that would sell it and ship to the US (and are reasonably cheap?)?  I promise some scans of Anne and Mary when I get my book.

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A role playing game I almost could buy just for the art on the box! [31 Jan 2008|10:53am]


(No, I don't get a cut if you should do a purchase.)

All I can say, is ARRRR!    :1
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[30 Jan 2008|11:28am]

Hello! Me again (with you icons XD)

I'm came to post new drawings ^^ I made some chibiis Mary and Ann, so I came to show them to you ^^. I also have a new picture of one of my pirate outfit.

Sooo ,here we go :

Chibii Ann Bonny, my fav drawing of the three historiacals women in thoses XD


Chibii Grace O'Malley, Granuaille ,whatever you call her. . . I know her clothing is not actually historictly correct v_v


Chibii Mary Read. I think I shouldn't made her wear the skirt-thing, but oh well, it probably arrived at least one time in her life XD.


A chibii Pirate-cat-girl I made to sell at an anime convention. I used one of my own character and added the cat-like features .


This one is special to me. You can see it's actual size here, and I painted it THAT size x.x I'm currently selling this on ebay, please check : http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120216499758

And finally ,a cropped photo of myself

Comments are always reaaly welcome XD
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Anne lived a normal life after piracy... [23 Jan 2008|12:14pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Reportedly, they now have a death date for Anne Bonny as well as what happened to her after her 'disappearance'.

From wikipedia:
There is no historical record of Bonny's release or of her execution. This has fed speculation that her father ransomed her; that she might have returned to her husband, or even that she resumed a life of piracy under a new identity. However, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography states that "Evidence provided by the descendants of Anne Bonny suggests that her father managed to secure her release from gaol and bring her back to Charles Town, South Carolina, where she gave birth to Rackam's second child. On 21 December 1721 she married a local man, Joseph Burleigh, and they had eight children. She died in South Carolina, a respectable woman, at the age of eighty-four and was buried on 25 April 1782."[2]

Yes, there is citation, to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography...still, I'm a skeptic and may be able to access the information at my college to see how good it is.

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[18 Jan 2008|01:13pm]

Hello, just a little question!! I'm currently finishing some chibiis drawings (like this :c http://soji-chan.deviantart.com/art/Chibii-Blackbeard-69877068)

of Mary, Ann and Grace O'Malley. I never really found info onh what they looked like historicly speaking. I saw some images, but they were not telling me a lot . So, does somenone as info on that. Or does someone knows the colors of theirs eyes or hairs or skin, even if it's just a rumor? I doubt it, but it woulb be usefull anyway XD<

Thank you!
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Blabla post [17 Jan 2008|12:22pm]

Ok, since here seem to be the only pirate community alive, I'll post here some randoms pirates- themed subject I think would be fun to talk about.

1-First, I'd like to know, how everybody here incorporate their pirate appreciation in the everyday life? Simple curiosity plus, it could give ideas to other members

2- Does anybody have good suggestion of were to find interestings things to incorporates in ours pirates outfits, or tips to incorporate pirate-esque fashion in our everyday clothing?

I'll answer my own questions in the comments, but first, I'd like to show you a couple of thing and ask for your opinions

First, just to show you a (disbanded) group I like: Aikaryu


One of their song is called Susume!Pirates (susume mean sparrow =_=)
Their an indies group, so not a lot of budget go into the videoclip, but I like the general feel on the song and for the lyrics as far as I understand, are pirates-related

Here's the video

Also, I'd like to have you opinions on the fews pirates I designed for the comic I'm preparing. I ADORE constructive comments:

The main character (who start as nothing and end up as a the captain) and her second in command. Yep, she's manly XD. Don't be scared by her hairs color XD. It's kinda of a old drawing and the blonde guy, who's her second in command will go trough a major re-design XD

The sailmaster of the ship (she almost always have her eyes closed XD)

The main carpenter (she's really really tall)

*****EDIT***I added the colors versions of those twos XD******
The surgeon (yep, those sailors are lucky, their surgeon is NOT the carpenter XD)

And the watchwoman

Another captain

Yep, there will be more man, it's jsut that the crew of the main ship is composed of women

Oh and the ship will be something between this : http://soji-chan.deviantart.com/art/Solar-Eagle-sketch-55386158
and this: http://soji-chan.deviantart.com/art/The-Solar-Eagle-pan-55385109

I'll be very glad to have you opinions on all this!
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Members' pirate pictures! [16 Jan 2008|02:59pm]


I challenge everybody in this group to post any pictures they might have of themselves in pirate costume. Arrrr!

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Ship's chest! [29 Oct 2007|07:09pm]

 Here's a new acquisition of mine, a lovely scruffy ship's chest. It's solid, wood, and large enough to bury a decent fortune or a couple of crewmen in. I wouldn't trade this chest for anyone's.....well, ok, if offered the chests of Anne and/or Mary I'd happily let it all go, but what seadog wouldn't? :D

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Pirate artists, yarr! [28 Feb 2007|10:06am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

No, not pirates who were adept with the brush as well as the saber....

Here's the artist I 've been fondest of (you can tell):
Check out the work 'Beatrice', lasses!

And here's a brand new one (check out the rest of her work too - I seldom wield the word 'awe-inspiring' but in her case it fits.


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Pirate comics concerning Anne and Mary [24 Feb 2007|08:23pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I was doing some research for someone when I stumbled across some comic looking images of Mary Read.   Now, I want to find this comic which is called Barbe Rouge: Le secret d'Elisa Davies.

The plot is interesting enough.  Elisa Davies is actually Mary Read's daughter.  Story has it, Mary Read died in childbirth and Anne Bonny takes the baby girl when she escapes.  Anne's own baby doesn't make it, so she raises Elisa as her own.  Anne marries a man named Joshua Davies, hence Elisa's last name, and runs an inn with him.  When her 'father' dies in some sort of smuggling operation and Anne dies trying to save Elisa.  Elisa finds out who she really is and starts searching eventually finding Barbe Rouge (Redbeard) and sails with him.

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A little help... [16 Feb 2007|04:28pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

I run a Pirates rpg and two of the characters are our lovely ladies.  I found a few nice images of Anne...god she's so pretty.  But I would like to have some of Mary (or even a stock image for the both of them...which is perfered).  Since I rp as Mary, I find that it is in my best interest to have a beautiful icon (right now I photoshoped the image of Mary from the cover of The Sweet Trade).

Can anyone help me?  Either by knowing a stock site that has stock images of people (and fairly exclusively people)?

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Hello! [30 Jan 2007|07:26pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello! I have just noticed this community referenced in a cross-posting notice over at sparrabeth and jumped over to check it out.

My name is Kyra, I am 22 and have come on the account, as it were, this past July, when my sister bought Curse of the Black Pearl and invited me to watch it with her. Since then it has been like coming home to something familiar, to study and learn things about piracy and especially about female pirates.

The instant I discovered this community, I knew I had something that would be perfect for it, and after checking to see if it had already been referenced here (not checking too well, so sorry if this is redundant), I shall tell you of a musical group called Annwn, what created a song called "The Red Queen," a ballad about Anne Bonney.

Here is the download for it; the main site is here. Patience; it may take awhile to load, but that might be just my crappy internet connection.

Lyrics behind the cutCollapse )

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Point or just me? [30 Jan 2007|07:07pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

I borrowed The Sweet Trade from my library the other day and I'm half way through. I was thinking, is it me or is Elizabeth Swann from POTC a mix between Anne and Mary?

Anne, Mary and Calico Jack in the spirit of POTC?Collapse )

x-posted to sparrabeth

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Another historical fiction (or two) [28 Jan 2007|09:34am]

[ mood | curious ]

'Ello. I was just doing a search on amazon for some books on Anne Bonny and Mary Read and came across one called Sisters of the Sea: Anne Bonny & Mary Read Pirates of the Caribbean by Sandra Riley. Has anyone read it? Is it good?

I looked at a few reviews on amazon and they seemed to have enjoyed the book. I was thinking of purchasing it today while at Penn Station (if they have it) or making a quick run (if there is time) up to Borders, I believe, and checking for it there.

I also found one called The Only Life That Mattered: The Short and Merry Lives of Anne Bonny, Mary Read and Calico Jack by James L. Nelson, but that book seemed to disapoint. As one person wrote that he took The Sweet Trade and make it his own, it sounded like a man wrote it as the female voices sounded like a man trying to relate to female voices. Another person wrote that they only liked the cover, the story disapointed. So, I am disinclined to pick this one up today.

As the time of my departure is still unknown (seeing that my friend is still asleep), I will be checking until the time I leave (either around noon or one EST, of course).

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The best actresses for anne and mary roles? [28 Jan 2007|02:44am]

I'd say that we are about overdue for a new movie featuring anne and mary...so who should fill the roles? I suggest that beauty is NOT an important feature (other than for selling tickets and dvds, obviously) while having guts and balls (metaphorically! *cough) absolutely should count. I want to see snarls, nasty laughter, merry grins, hands that could actually use a saber and legs that could smash through a door - and yet at chosen moments actually be able to soften up.

Here are my runners:
- Sigourney Weaver (well, obviously)
- Jamie Lee Curtis
- Peta Wilson (but by Jolly Roger, NOT as a blonde!)
- Rebecca de Mornay
- Lori Petty

Any contenders?
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[27 Jan 2007|10:02am]

[ mood | dorky ]

'Ello there. I'm Shoshana, a 20 year-old pirate fanatic. I think I was interested in pirates when I was a girl and my parents took me to a museum where they had artifacts from 17th and 18th century pirates. The real obsession started this fall when I worked for Disney World and fell in love with Pirates of the Caribbean 2...seeing the Turk prison scene, I knew there was a small element of truth, so I sought out to find out the truth myself. Upon purchasing a book called 'Under the Black Flag' I skipped forward to the chapter about female pirates and the women of pirates and found out about Anne and Mary. I was instantly taken by them (and Calico Jack) and their courage that I wanted to find more. However, as my reading continued I found that many writers and historians disagree on the facts of these two women. Such as did Mary die of a fever or in childbirth...or did Rackham's crew know there were women on the ship, some say yes others no...now, I look to continue my research. I am now even going to dip into historical fiction and find out more. My father is even fascinated by this story as much as I am, but he wouldn't have the time to research, so I am doing it for me as well as him.

Seeing as I have given about my pirate obsession...what else is there to share? Oh...I was called 'Miss Swann' while I interned at the World of Disney in Disney World...and I love Egyptology as well, especially the Armana era, ok Tutankhamun. I right now am an undeclaired major, but may go into either history or computers. And that's all.

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And now, something completely different [23 Jan 2007|09:31am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Here's something merry for the sassy lassies in here, and eventual lads and others may enjoy it too: a webtoon about and by a sassy lass.


There's even pirates in it!

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Anne....or Mary? [22 Jan 2007|07:27pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

So, which of the two bonnie lasses is your biggest favorite - and why?

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Quiz time! [22 Jan 2007|09:02am]

[ mood | amused ]

Seems like not all of the bodies here have gone to corpse yet, so here's a bit of fun for ye all:


Here's what I got:

"Your pirate name is:
Black Tom Flint

Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!"

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Yarrr! [21 Jan 2007|09:05pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I did not expect to find this group on Lj, but when I did I could hardly sail past, could I?

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